Privacy Policy of aBillBook

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes 27roots (“aBillBook”), company incorporated under the laws of India, policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of a User’s information pursuant to your use of the aBillBook Products, the Services and related mobile and software applications, whether existing now or in future. aBillBook is committed to ensuring that any use or sharing of your information with anyone shall be one only in accordance with the procedures described in this Privacy Policy.

The capitalized terms used in this Privacy Policy, but not defined in this Privacy Policy, shall have the meaning given to such terms in the Terms of Services (defined herein after).

Please read this Privacy Policy before using the site or submitting any personal information. By using aBillBook, it shall be deemed that the User are expressly consenting to be bound by the terms and conditions described in this Privacy Policy.

  1. Other applicable terms This Privacy Policy is a part of and incorporated within, and is to be read along with the Terms of Service (the “Terms of Service”). The User may view these Terms of Service at the following address

  2. Policy changes aBillBook may change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Such changes may be made without prior notice, but any changes will only apply to activities and information on going forward and not retroactive basis, unless specified otherwise. The User are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy before accessing the 27roots Products to make sure that the User understand how any personal information provided by the User will be used.

  3. Links to other websites The procedures and practices set forth in this Privacy Policy describe the use and disclosure of User Information collected through the 27roots Products. These 27roots Products may contain links to other websites. Any personal information about the User collected which such User visits such websites is not governed by this Privacy Policy. The User is encouraged to exercise caution and review the privacy policies applicable to such websites before accessing them. The User acknowledges that aBillBook shall not be responsible for and has no control over the practices and content of any website accessed using the links contained on the 27roots Products.

  4. Competency to contract By agreeing to these Privacy Policy, a User (which such User is a natural Person) represents that the User is at least the age of majority i.e. 18 years, and is competent to contract. Additionally, where the User is registering on behalf of, and is the authorized representative of, a company, partnership or any other legal entity, such User has been duly authorized by such entity and is permitted under Applicable Laws to accept these Terms of Service. In case the User is a natural Person who is not of the age of majority or is not competent to contract, the User may not use the aBillBook Products or provide any information to aBillBook under the aBillBook Products.

  5. Collection of information Towards the provision of the Services and in cases where a User visits or uses the aBillBook Products, aBillBook shall collect the following information from a User (“User Information”):
    5.1. The User agrees that the User shall be bound by these Terms by accessing or using the aBillBook Products, or by otherwise availing of the Services from aBillBook. If the User does not accept these Terms of Service, the User shall not open an account for availing of the Services or using the aBillBook Products.

    5.2. For the User’s use of the aBillBook Products and Services, aBillBook grants the User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to install and / or use the aBillBook Products. However, the User shall not copy the aBillBook Products or any of its components.

    5.3. aBillBook also grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access such content on the aBillBook Products which is owned by aBillBook. For using any content owned by a third party Person, the User still require a license from such third party Person (including, without limitation, the Software Providers), and aBillBook does not license such content to the User and the User’s use of content owned by a third party Person, including any content owned by the Software Providers, is governed by applicable terms and conditions prescribed by such third party Person.

  6. Usage of User Information User Information is used by aBillBook and its partners and service providers towards various business purposes which, amongst others, includes:

    a.) to facilitate the User’s requests and the Services;
    b.) to undertake research and analytics for offering or improving Services, aBillBook Products, their security and service quality;
    c.) to share with a User, updates on changes to aBillBook’s services and their terms and conditions and provide details of similar products and services;
    d.) to aid strategic development, data collection and business analytics for aBillBook or its partners;
    e.) to take up or investigate any complaints/claims/disputes;
    f.) to respond to your queries or feedback submitted by the User;
    g.) for conducting audits and for record keeping purposes;
    h.) for complying with Applicable Laws including the directions of any Governmental Authorities;
    i.) for selective offers and promotions; and
    j.) for providing a personalized experience and to enhance a User’s experience inrelation to the application or the website.

  7. Storage of User Information User Information in the possession and control of aBillBook is stored in accordance with Applicable Laws. Storage and transfer of User Information is carried out in compliance with all Applicable Laws, including without limitation, the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011. By using any of the aBillBook Products or Services, the User agrees and consents to the collection, storage and use of the User Information collected in the manner described in and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  8. Dissemination of User Information The User acknowledges the User Information and other data may be exported outside of India, processed and stored in a foreign country or countries where it may be accessed by other entities. User Information may also be transferred in accordance with Applicable Laws to Governmental Authorities, to affiliates of aBillBook and any potential buyers of the shares or assets of aBillBook. aBillBook may also distribute User Information (not being in the nature of sensitive personal information) with other third parties, analytics providers and other third parties for provision of services to aBillBook and/or the Users by such third parties.

  9. Information security aBillBook takes various steps and measures to protect the User Information provided by a User from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. aBillBook uses industry-standard secure server layers encryption and access control on its systems. Do note that while aBillBook makes best possible efforts to securely store the User Information and data provided bya User, aBillBook does not guarantee that there will be no unintended disclosures of the User Information and data provided by a User on account of a data breach, unauthorized access, security failure etc. aBillBook cannot guarantee, give no warranties, and shall not be liable for breach of the security of User Information through the aBillBook Products due to malicious attacks, errors, commission or omissions not wilfully initiated by aBillBook and any transmission is at the risk of the User.

  10. Retention of User Information aBillBook may, at its discretion, retain any User Information for as long as a User is active on theaBillBook Products, as required under agreements with aBillBook or as require under Applicable Laws. aBillBook shall not be responsible for any destruction of any User Information after the closure or termination of a User’s account with aBillBook.

  11. Cookie policy
    A “cookie” is a packet of information stored on a browser by a server so it can be later readback. To improve the responsiveness of the site or application for the Users, aBillBook may use“cookies”, or similar electronic tools to collect information. Note that information and data provided by a User may be collected in a “cookie” if the User has previously provided such information and data.

  12. Local storage policy To facilitate the provision of services by aBillBook to the User, aBillBook may store information locally on the device of the User. The User consents to the local storage of information on the device of the User for the facilitation of the Services or provision of the aBillBook products by aBillBook.

  13. Updates to the Privacy Policy aBillBook reserves the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify this Privacy Policy.The latest Privacy Policy will be available on this page.